Friday, December 31, 2010

365 hot oven - The Pinky cuppies

Thanks Linda for the order :)

365 hot oven - Toblerone Chilled Cheese Cake

 ready to EAT!

 melting process

This is how it looks like after the mixing process. 
Let it rest overnight in the fridge before we can enjoyyyyy and mamam!!

365 hot oven - Baked Marble Cheese Cake

 this portion is good for kenduri, parties etc.

 before baking

After baking :)

365 hot oven - Mooshieee Chocolate Cake

365 hot oven - It's All About CHOCOLATES

 Ready to GO! - 24 pcs of assorted chocolates
I do cater for weddings, engagements, events etc.

Almond Mocha


 Hazelnet Creamy Cookies

Almond Rocher