Monday, January 31, 2011

365 hot oven - Fondant Guitar Cake

Thanks Kak G for the order. Happy Birthday Abang Long

 Stage 1

 Stage 2. Layering the fondant

 Stage 3. Putting all the details one by one

 Stage 4. Thanks to my hubby for helping me to cut and paste one by one.

 Stage 5. Specialy personalised for Abang Long

Taraaa... end product. Ready to Go!

365 hot oven - Edible Image Cuppies

Happy Birthday Imran & Aiman.

 For Imran

 For Aiman

Ready to GO!

365 hot oven - Chilled Toblerone & Oreo Cheese cake

Thanks Elle for the order ;)

 Chilled Toblerone Cheese cake

 Chilled Oreo Cheese cake

Ready to GO!

Monday, January 10, 2011