Saturday, September 17, 2011

365 hot oven - Toy Story Cake

"Happy Birthday to the Twins MAIRA & AYDAN"
 Celebrating with Jessie The Cowgirl and Buzz Lightyear on the Toy Story Cake
Thank you to Sharina for the order.

365 hot oven - Weighing Machine Fondant Butter Cake

Thank you Vasanta for the order .

"Happy 40th Birthday Vanitha"

365 hot oven - Minnie Mouse Cake & Cuppies

"Happy birthday Arissa Batrisyia" Thank you Asni Aziz  for the order .

365 hot oven - Chocolate Cars Cake!

Happy 1st Birthday Ay'dan . Thank you Shuhada for the order

365 hot oven - Carrot Cuppies with Cream Cheese (CCwCC)

Thank you Cindra for the order!

365 hot oven - Transformers Cake & Cuppies

Thank you Eranza for the order

"Happy 8th Birthday Ashraf Haqimi"